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Flooding in the Desert–On best laid plans

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I’m a huge Mlife fan and always have a difficult choice in hotels when going to Vegas. This trip, I was pretty certain where I wanted to go. Okay, not the real beach, but the beach at the Mandalay Bay. I packed up and left Virginia, where a massive Nor’easter was …

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The Monorail in Vegas is Not Worth It

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Vegas has a monorail that’s automated.  That part is really cool But the monorail in Vegas is probably the worst way to get around. The monorail is positioned behind the hotels.  So you have to walk through the entire casino to get to the monorail.  When you are at the …

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How to Game Vegas Instead of it Gaming You

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I’m always up for a deal or savings.  So then people wonder why I like going to Vegas since the point of Vegas is to take your money. That’s because I’m always focusing on how to game Vegas (rather than letting it game me).  There are deals to be had in …

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New Information About M life Benefit Downgrade

I wrote about how M life removed the early check-in / late check-out information from its chart. View from the Wing linked to the article and a comment on his page said they were still able to get early check-in: Like I said before, hotels could still give these benefits …

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M life Quietly Removes Big Benefit

One of my favorite benefits of M life has been early check-in  and late check-out.  Mostly the late check-out, as I rarely get in early enough to take advantage of early check-in. My upcoming trip will be my third trip to Vegas in the last few months.  And I’m getting in …

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How to Get the Hook Up for Las Vegas Clubs

Las Vegas Nightclubs (and day clubs!) When I went to Las Vegas, I didn’t pay for any drinks or for any admission at any of the clubs we went to.  No, this wasn’t because I’m a travel writer and I was comped for that.  There’s a way to get onto …

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