Rappel Down the Side of a Hyatt Regency for Charity

a person in a helmet

Love Hyatts?  Love them so much you wish you could rappel down the side of one? Well, you’re in luck.  Hyatt-loving thrill-seekers will have the chance to rappel down the side of the Hyatt Regency Crystal City for charity. From Over The Edge, an organization that helps raise money …

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Hyatt’s Gorgeous Wine Bottles Designed by Students

a bottle of wine with a picture of a woman

Each year, Hyatt runs a contest where students can design the labels for their house brand of wine, Canvas. The winning designs net a $5,000 scholarship for school, plus make their way onto the Hyatt bottles of wine. This year’s winners are especially good.     And my absolute favorite …

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Another Big Hyatt Website Bug

a close-up of a staircase

I keep running into the weirdest Hyatt bugs, but this one would have been particularly bad.  This has also happened to me at least once before and luckily I noticed it after booking and Hyatt was able to undo it.  In this case, I noticed during booking. I was looking …

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Thoughts About (another) Weird Hyatt Booking Bug

I’ve come across another strange Hyatt booking bug. I think it only happens in Chrome, but I keep trying to book award stays that never go through.  When I click *book*, it says my session has timed out. I think I found a common thread to whenever I have this …

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Hyatt Award Chart Updates More Good Than Bad

Hyatt posted their award chart updates. 22 properties went up in categories, but 48 properties went down. Some highlights: Hyatt Place Orlando Airport 2 1 I actually really enjoyed this Hyatt Place property and it is really convenient.  I’m surprised (but glad) to see it go down in category. Excalibur …

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