Hyatt Update Glitch May Affect Your Account’s Stay Credits

Recently, Hyatt’s Gold Passport system was down for a few days to update their database systems.  Updating a database near the end of the year seemed a little risky to me–this is the time when a lot of people are trying to re-qualify.

I haven’t been too worried about it because I’ve had a lot of Hyatt stays this year and am planning to overshoot it.


I just completed my 27th qualifying stay in Austin and decided to log in to see if my stay credits from before December 12th were posted yet.  As soon as I logged in, I noticed my stays were listed at 18.

I had a moment where I thought that I had just totally miscalculated everything I had been tracking.  It was a surreal feeling.

But I pulled up my last account summary email, and my stays were definitely in the 20s.

So I called up Hyatt Gold Passport and talked to an agent about it.  I knew things would take a while to post, but seeing my stays rewind concerned me a bit.

After an agent looked at it for a bit, she got her supervisor on the line.  They put me on hold for forty minutes as they went through my account.

When they got back on the line, they let me know that there was a strange glitch in the system that was not showing the right amount of stays.  But on their end, they could see all my stays and manually confirmed them.  They just didn’t know why they weren’t all adding up and displaying properly.

They told me to hang on until the 28th and wait to see if things fix themselves.  If I don’t see things by then, to call them up again.

They reminded me that even if the system does not accurately display the stay credits, as long as the stays actually happened in 2015, you will re-qualify.

But if things seem off, I recommend calling and having them confirm your stays for you.

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  1. HT – to me – tallworldtraveler, too

  2. So you’re advising readers to overload Hyatts phone systems after you confirmed that there’s a glitch? No need to “confirm” IMO

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