Las Vegas Beach Clubs Are Open for the Season! (And how to get in)

Spring has arrived in Vegas which means the pools and beach clubs are opening. This is a quick primer on what the beach clubs are and how to get access to them–and even get a free drink or two!

What is a Las Vegas Beach Club?

The beach club scene is new-ish in Vegas, but is great for a fun time.  It’s sort of what it sounds like, but not exactly.  It isn’t a beach–it’s a pool.  But it most definitely is a club.  It’s a Las Vegas pool party!

Think about all the good things about a club–energy, dancing, great DJs, and people having fund–and mash it together with a pool party.

That’s a Beach Club.  Beach Club Las Vegas style!

Beach Clubs are different from the adult pools in Vegas.

An adult pool is more like this:

beach club las vegas pool parties

Whereas a Beach Club is more like this:

beach club las vegas pool parties

An adult pool is where you pay a little extra for some quiet so you can relax.  At a Beach Club, you are paying for the exact opposite.  You are there to have a fun time.  Think MTV Spring Break if you are old enough to have seen that!

There’s a DJ–and sometimes the big name DJs who come into a club will do an encore show at the casino’s Beach Club the next day.

The Las Vegas Beach Clubs

Not every casino has a Beach Club, though more and more have been building them.  As I said, it is a newer scene.

Here are some Beach Clubs you can party at. This list is not exhaustive, though other Beach Clubs may be more event-based or lower key.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

Marquee Day Club Las Vegas

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Tao Beach Club Las Vegas

Drai’s Beach Club Las Vegas

Delano Beach Club Las Vegas

Moorea Beach Club Las Vegas

Who to Connect to for Las Vegas Beach Clubs

Here’s who you need to get connected to in order to get into the Beach Clubs.

Some things they could potentially offer are:

  1. Skipping the line / reservations
  2. Free entry (usually with a 1:1 girl to guy ratio.  If there are more girls than guys, that’s fine)
  3. Free drinks (usually women only)

Here are the usual stipulations:

  1. Arrive at the time they tell you to.  You are usually getting your benefits in exchange for pre-filling the club so it never looks empty when the other customers arrive.
  2. Tell them if you can’t come–otherwise, they’ll be waiting to escort you to the front of the line (and will miss out on other business).
  3. If you are a woman and get a free open bar wristband, do not share your drinks with a male member of your group.  They will notice and you will get thrown out.

Luckily, some of my favorite promoters represent beach clubs.

Surrender / Encore Beach Club (at the Encore)

Reach out to Jessica Lazaro
Instagram for Surrender / Jessica
Texting: 702-544-1057

Also can help with: seems to know a lot of people / is good at referrals

Tao at the Venetian

Reach out to Justin Mulrooney
Twitter for TAO / Justin
Instagram for Tao / Justin

Texting:  203.376.351O

Also can help with:  TAO BEACH | MARQUEE (Cosmopolitan)  Knows people for LAVO

Marquee and Other Beach Clubs

Reach out to CJ
Instagram for CJ
Texting: 7O2-708-4409

Tips for Going to Beach Clubs and Surviving Las Vegas Pool Parties

Consider renting a cabana, especially on weekdays and with a larger group.

Many Beach Clubs (Marquee included) will consider the rental fee as a credit towards drinks and food.  Sometimes a cabana is only a few hundred dollars.  When split among multiple people, that isn’t too bad to have a home base and cocktail service.  And it may not cost you more (or much more) than what you were planning on spending already.

Do not party too hard, especially if you have plans during the evening

Daytime used to be recovery time in Vegas.  You might go to the spa (though I do not recommend getting a massage after a night of heavy drinking!) or relax by the pool.

While Beach Clubs are technically “going to the pool,” some people party as hard as they would at a club.

Remember, you have the rest of the day ahead of you!  I know people who have missed very expensive events they had tickets for, thanks to overdrinking at a pool club.  Have fun, but don’t go too crazy.  Especially with the hot sun bearing down on you.  You’ll get dehydrated faster than at a club.  Your post-beach club nap may leave you waking up after all the evening fun is over.

Don’t bring too much stuff with you

There are some rules over what you can bring in and on the size of your bag.  The first time I went, we didn’t know these rules and found out that a locker costs a lot of money.  We somehow managed to fit all of our bags into the one bag that met the regulation size.  So find out the rules ahead of time so you bring the right things with you!


That’s it for now.  If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

If you are interested in getting into Las Vegas clubs for free in general, check out this post:

How to Get into Las Vegas Clubs for Free



If you are a promoter looking to be featured in one of these posts, send me an email at ChicGeekJeanne (at)  I typically feature promoters I’ve worked with or who are connected to other promoters I know.  But I’m in Vegas often, so let’s talk!

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  1. Wow, those pictures show a little too much madness. Trying to get a drink or use the bathroom would be tough. Are the crowds normally that bad?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      On the weekend, when someone like Diplo is there, for sure.

      At 11am on a weekday (when I prefer to go) it isn’t quite this crazy. We were able to get drinks, hang out in a spot, run to the restroom, etc. But they are trying to maintain a party atmosphere, so if you want something calmer (but adult-oriented), you may want to consider paying to get into an adult pool.

      Some are less crazy than others too. I’ve found Bare to be lower key than Marquee, for example.

  2. The prices for drinks are stupid at beach clubs.

    I have been to the beach club at Aria, MGM and Venetian.

    Liquid sucks (tiny). Wet Republic and Tao clubs are decent.

  3. My girlfriend and I used Le Chic recommendations and suggested promoters and got in the top Vegas Clubs. You follow the rules and you will have no problem.

    Beach clubs are a lot fun especially if you hook with fun party people but take heed to Le Chic recommendation to planning your party day so you don’t get too tired. We had promoters get us into Kevin Hart’s concert after-party but we were conked-out by the end of the Kevin Hart Celebrity concert.

    Buy tickets at the concert or event venues to get the best prices after researching the prices. We found the best prices at the actual venues and saved by not having to pay all the fees that 3rd parties pile on to the price per ticket.

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