This Vodka is Distilled from Cow’s Milk

a bottle of alcohol on a stone wall with flowers

Vodka is made from many things–grain (including corn), potatoes, and even grapes. There have been efforts to get the EU to define what vodka is, but none have passed so far.  Some believe this is to keep newer competitors out of the market (especially grape vodkas, which allow competitors from a …

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Vodka Pipeline Discovered and Shut Down in Kyrgyzstan

a bottle and shot glasses with water splashing

Two years ago, Belguim was building a beer pipeline.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  But then I came across something even more awesome, but it was unfortunately shut down. Authorities shut down a vodka pipeline in 2013 after they discovered it through a routine inspection. From Slate: Kyrgyz customs officials have …

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Multi-Purpose Shoes Make Beach Drinking Easier

a pair of black flip flops

My beach-ware of choice is Reef.  And they’ve come up with an interested invention–shoes with build in bottle openers. I usually remember to bring a bottle opener with me, but I’ve definitely had it go missing too.  It can fall into the sand and then… well, it’ll be an artifact …

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