Best of Both Worlds: Airplane Cocktail Shaker

Today, I was looking for some cocktail glasses on Joss & Main as a present for {NAME REDACTED}, when I started browsing the “Gifts for Stylish Men” section and found an awesome cocktail shaker.

While I disagree that only men would like this, I find this cocktail shaker incredibly stylish and fun.

Behold, the airplane cocktail shaker:



Better hope there’s a lot of turbulence on that flight so your martini is properly chilled!

I’m still deciding whether to buy since this would be a gift for myself and feel outside of the Christmas spirit, but I may also print out this blog post and leave on someone’s pillow.

Disclaimer:  I believe I get referral credit if you do not have an account on Joss & Main yet and you sign up through this post and make a purchase today.  If you wish to avoid that, navigate directly to the Joss & Main website, sign up first, then I shouldn’t get credit, even if you click through my link.  But if you do click through my link, I appreciate your support!


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  1. Oh, the irony of the “Earhart Cocktail Shaker” being “for men”!

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