Huge Month for Cashback (Get $40 free & free Thanksgiving items including turkey)

This month is huge for cashback for multiple portals, including two big promotions.

Rakuten (formerly, Ebates) is doing $40 cashback for $40 in spend (100% cashback) for brand new accounts.  They also increased cashback for existing accounts.

Sign up for Rakuten here to receive the $40 cashback promo. 

(One account allowed per individual).

Ibotta is doing a promotion for Walmart where you can get Thanksgiving items for 100% cashback. (For new and existing accounts).

Sign up for Ibotta here to receive the Walmart promo.  

a screenshot of a thanksgiving dinner

The details follow:


If you don’t have Rakuten, you can sign-up for Rakuten here.  With this link, you get a $40 cashback bonus (normally $10).  After signing up, you can go here to get the browser extension if you’d like to be notified whenever you can get cashback.

You need to spend $40 to get the $40 cashback, which equals 100% cashback for your first $40 in purchaes.

With that extension, you can apply coupons automatically and activate the cashback instantly on websites.  That means you do not even have to go through a portal on the Rakuten website.

Even if you already have a Rakuten account, they currently have a promo where cashback is doubled or more at popular stores.

a screenshot of a website


Ibotta is a portal that gives cashback with online and in-store purchases.  Sign up for Ibotta here.  While they work with a lot of websites, the best deals to be had on it are through grocery store purchases.

a screenshot of a website

Right now, they have 100% cashback on Thanksgiving staples.  Even if you aren’t in need of these items, it’s a great opportunity to pick up some items to donate to a local pantry.

You can install an extension as you can in Rakuten (part of the sign-up process).  But the real benefit is in linking your grocery account with Ibotta.  I do Walmart delivery for my groceries, and the deals pop-up in the corner, and I can add them to cart.

a screenshot of a menu

For Walmart, you can set it to delivery or pick-up.  I use delivery, but the pick-up process is easy.  The one time I did it, they put my groceries directly into the trunk.

Sometimes these promotions seem too good to be true, but I’ve received $697.69 through Rakuten by just having the browser installed.  Their payouts go directly into my Paypal account.

For more information on using cashback portals and getting cashback seamlessly while shopping, check out this guide to getting cash back and applying promo codes with little work.

Sign up for Rakuten here to receive the $40 cashback promo. 


Sign up for Ibotta here to receive the Walmart promo.  


Please note, I get a referral bonus if you sign up through my Rakuten link.  I assume the same is true for Ibotta.  This is not an affiliate partnership and is the normal sign-up bonus everyone qualifies for.

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