Geeky Stand-up Comedy Troop Online Friday Night (8PM Eastern)

The Geek Comedy Tour is usually a group you can only see in person at some of the nerdy cons (GenCon, KatsuCon, etc), or in a DC-comedy club.

I’m thrilled to see that as part of GenCon moving online, the Geek Comedy tour will be doing their whole show online Friday, July 31st at 8PM ET.

Also, rather than make people buy tickets for the whole conference, they are allowing people to buy tickets just for this show, which means you can stream the talented troupe for only $8.  Plus, BYOB, so you don’t have to pay comedy club drink prices.

FIRST, get a free badge for the conference here.

Then, you can buy tickets for their panel here.

Some info from their description:

The Geek Comedy Tour returns, performing live via Zoom, and slinging 90 minutes of awesome, geek and gamer-focused stand up comedy to its pajama-wearing audience in the comfort of their homes. In addition to geekdom and gaming, we’ll also focus on sci-fi, video games, anime, pop culture, comic books, dating, and the other assorted disasters within our lives. We brought the funny to Gen Con in 2018, and we’ll do everything we can to bring it again, no matter what.

I first saw the Geek Comedy Tour in 2008, so I’ve been a fan for over 12 years.  If you are into video games (old and new), comic books, cult classics, and pop-culture television shows, you’ll appreciate their humor.

You’ll need a free badge for GenCon to buy a ticket for this panel.

I’m not sure why there are two steps, but getting the badge just required clicking a couple of buttons.

They have not changed the information about pricing for the badge on the website in some sections, but it is free.  It took me a second to find this spot to register for the free badge.

The event details say a zoom link will be sent out to all registered folks.

Again to get a ticket:

FIRST, get a free badge for the conference here.

Then, you can buy tickets for their panel here.

a logo for a comedy tour

Disclaimer: Just a fan.  I don’t receive any money for talking about their show and I definitely had to pay for my ticket.  

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  1. How clean/kid appropriate is the comedy? Friday night has turned into family fun night and this could be a fun option for us.

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