Spirit Airlines Dramatically Drops Price of Checked Bags and Carry-ons Purchased at Gate

The key to flying Spirit Airlines has always been understanding the baggage fees.

In fact, we’ve had a post titled, “The Number One Thing You Need to Know When Flying Spirit. ” We cheated and listed three things.

Spoiler, they were all “Baggage fees.”

(For a complete guide to flying Spirit Airlines, check out this post!)

The biggest thing that would catch people was having to purchase either checked bags or carry-on bags at the gate for a whopping $100.

Sometimes the passengers didn’t prepare.  Sometimes, gate agents decided someone’s “personal item” was too big to be used as a personal item and had to be purchased as a carry-on.  Either way, the $100 often cost more than the ticket on Spirit!

Now, checking a bag or declaring a carryon at the gate is only $10-$15 more than doing it at checkin at the airport.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Please note, it is still much better to purchase these items before you go to the airport.  You can save a lot of money by purchasing your bags during online checkin.

And of course, if you already know you’ll need an item, purchasing the bag when booking your flight is the best.

But now at least, you won’t get completely hosed if you get caught by a gate dragon and have to declare your “personal item” as a “carry on”.


To find out more about flying Spirit Airlines, check out this post!

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