Easy (and Fast) Stretches for Traveling

One thing I used to be bad about was stretching while traveling.  I’ve done Yoga with Adriene a lot at home, but I don’t really have that time on the road. I came up with a list of stretches that take me about fifteen minutes to do that really help …

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How to Get Motivated to Get into Shape Quickly

I’ve mentioned before that my weight tends to flip-flop before trips and after trips.  I tend to let myself eat more when I travel, then get back in shape after the trip. In addition to using my Fitbit all the time, I have started doing something called a “DietBet” when …

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Now You Can Literally Race Through the Airport

Looks like Kathy at Will Run for Miles covered this even before Entrepreneur covered it!  Check out her article for a runner’s perspective. I’ve had a lot of experiences running through the airport–especially Charlotte. It’s when I get to put my cardio to use, and is a good motivator when I’m …

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When Are We Going to Get Gyms on Planes?

With the recent scientific news that sitting for long periods of time causes even more health problems than we’ve assumed, I have to ask–when are we going to get gyms in flight? I’ve often told people that being in flight is not that different from being in the office.  I have the …

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Finding a Gym While on the Go

When I book a hotel, I try to find one with a gym.  As we know, I need that to balance the delicious, delicious foods I eat while traveling. But sometimes you can’t always have a hotel with a health club.  It’s out of service, or it never had one …

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What the FitBit Has Taught Me

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to come back from some of my trips, well, costing the airplane more fuel than I do on the way there. I mentioned that even though I can the weight off pretty quickly afterwards, I invested in a tool called the FitBit to track …

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