Why You Should Eat Bacon and Stop Jogging

About a year and a half ago, my doctor discussed some of my autoimmune issues with me and put me on a specific diet to deal with them–one that significantly restricted the amount of carbohydrates (especially sugars) I can consume. I was shocked by that because dinner for me often …

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The Secrets to Cheaper Disney Dining

I always figured that Disney was one of those places you’d never get a discount at.  But I was wrong.  It turns out there are a few ways to eat more cheaply in the parks (or in Downtown), and some of these methods are potentially combinable too. 1. Tables of …

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Attractions to See and Skip in Las Vegas

las vegas hotels $100 suite $20 trick

The sheer amount of things to do in Vegas can be overwhelming.  Some things can be really cheesy or really awesome (and sometimes, in the case of Elvis Karaoke, both).  This is a list of experiences that when I heard about them, straddled that line of cheesy/awesome.  Here’s my verdict …

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Guys,  I’m In Love with New Zealand

I’ll have more of a trip report later,  but I’m currently sitting in an open air pub by the ocean.   And I’m currently having all the feels.  It’s so beautiful here and the climate is the perfect weather for me.  (as someone from the Northeast and former figure skater, …

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They Built a Bookstore in an Old Theater

Buenos Aires is home to a bookstore with a very unique location.   It was built inside of an old school theater,  complete with balconies. While the bookstore was created in 2000,  the theater itself has old roots. According to Wikipedia : Situated at 1860 Santa Fe Avenue in Barrio …

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