The Secrets to Cheaper Disney Dining

I always figured that Disney was one of those places you’d never get a discount at.  But I was wrong.  It turns out there are a few ways to eat more cheaply in the parks (or in Downtown), and some of these methods are potentially combinable too.

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1. Tables of Wonderland

I had no idea this existed, but Tables of Wonderland lets you get 20% everything at their restaurants including alcohol for up to 10 people.

There are two catches.  You have to pay some money up front first, and you have to fit into a few special categories.

Here’s a guide to how to get set up on Tables of Wonderland.

2. Get discounted Disney gift cards

Sam’s Club sells Disney gift cards and there’s a trick to getting a discount on those gift cards.  As a bonus, you can use these gift cards to also purchase admission.

This deal can be combined with the deal in #1, since you can still pay your bill above with the gift cards.

Here’s how to get the discount.

3. Look for gift card sales in general

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and spot a discount on Disney gift cards in general.  It doesn’t hurt to check the gift card rack quickly whenever you run into the store.

4. Buy discounted gift cards to stores that sell Disney gift cards

If you can’t find a deal on Disney gift cards themselves, look for deals on gift cards that you can turn into Disney gift cards.

Here’s a guide to how someone took a discount on Target gift cards and turned them into discounted Disney cards.

5. Get the Disney dining plan

If you don’t mind being locked into a bit of structure, you can pre-buy a discounted dining plan.  Here’s a guide to Disney’s dining plan.


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  1. My parents have Tables of Wonderland. It’s really a great deal if you eat there enough.

    In honor of their 45th anniversary, Disney is giving season pass holders a 20% discount at certain restaurants throughout the park and resorts.

  2. There is an entire website devoted to constantly updated discounts on every aspect of Disney vacations, from hotel rooms to tickets to food: It’s been around for over fifteen years, btw.

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