How to Win at Vegas (Without Losing Your Wallet)

I’m a huge fan of Las Vegas and go there pretty often.  When I mention that to people, they point out how expensive the Sin City can be.  However, if you know all the deals to Vegas, it can become a cheap and luxurious trip.  That’s why I go so much!

1. Go Clubbing for Free

Las Vegas clubs can be really expensive to get into.  And then you need to buy the drinks.  This guide will tell you how to get into clubs for free and if you are a girl, how to drink for free.  (Sorry, guys!)


2. Get around cheaply

Taxis in Vegas are expensive, especially if you pay by credit card.  (There is a huge surcharge).  The monorail is also really expensive and is difficult to get to.   Take the free hotel trams or the Deuce bus instead.

deuce bus

3. Find out where the cheap (and good) drinks are

Vegas used to be a city of cheap drinks, but the Strip continues to get fancier and more expensive.  Also, the cheap drinks you could get in Vegas would be, well, cheap drinks.  But some casinos and restaurants use happy hours to bring in people on off-hours. The drinks tend to be good, and since Vegas is a 24-7 city, you can always find a happy hour.  Here’s how to use an app to detect where all the great happy hours are.

cocktails cosmos

4. Get a huge suite for only $100 more (or $50, or $20)

Depending on how nice your hotel is and current availability, it’s very easy to tip your way into a nicer room in Vegas.  These tips do not work in any other city.  But check out the guide to getting a suite with a tip here.

hotel bed

5. Get treated like a VIP

It’s possible to get the same status that the high-rollers get–without gambling a single penny.  It all depends on what’s in your wallet.  Here’s how you can get elite status in Vegas.

vip airplane

6. Get a hotel room for $15

Since Las Vegas hotels want to get you in the door to gamble, they offer low prices on hotels.  Some hotels on the strip can be as cheap as $15 some night.  Here’s how I got a room for $15.

hotel bell

7. Rent (don’t buy) designer clothes

Las Vegas has a shop in the Cosmopolitan that will rent you designer dresses for going out at night.  Do you want to feel fancy?  Do you like wearing a new outfit to events?

Instead of purchasing, just rent!  Here’s my experience with renting dresses through Rent the Runway.


8. Get discounts on nice restaurants (sometimes 50% off!)

Many people know you can buy tickets half-off in major cities if you buy the tickets day of.  (You just can’t be picky about what show you want to see).  Did you know that you can also get major discounts at restaurants too?  Tix4Dinner will let you make reservations and get a discount automatically applied.  

So your date doesn’t have to know you used a coupon–though, if I were your date, I’d be proud of you!

restaurant dinner
A coupon? You shouldn’t have!

9. Earn Comped Benefits by Playing Online Games

You can earn comps in Vegas by playing games before you even get there.  I used my comps for free show tickets.  You get free chips each day and you can earn more.  The catch is, they are hoping you get so close to a comp, you’ll start spending money to get the rest of the way there–perhaps more than you would have paid for the comp in the first place.

Just don’t put any money into the game and reap the benefits.  Here’s a guide to playing the online Vegas slot game.


Hopefully, following these tips, you can live large without losing large!

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