What is Spa Week?

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  I certainly do.  When I first heard about Spa Week, I was intrigued.  A spa week had to be better than a spa day, right?  (And who wouldn’t love a spa month?!) But alas, it is not the opportunity to spa for a whole …

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A New Guest Blogger on Heels First!

I know it is sometimes hard to keep track of Keri and myself.  I’ve had friends text me questions about Keri’s posts and I can only assume vice-versa!  So we’ve decided to throw an extra person in the mix.  From time to time, we’ll have a guest blogger, Tiff. Tiff …

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An Adorable Set of Trip Reports

For those who love trip reports, I just wanted to point out the adorable set of trip reports coming out of Million Mile Secret’s Honeymoon in Paris.  This link will take you to the first post in a series and will link you through all the posts. The trip reports …

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