What is Spa Week?

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  I certainly do.  When I first heard about Spa Week, I was intrigued.  A spa week had to be better than a spa day, right?  (And who wouldn’t love a spa month?!)

But alas, it is not the opportunity to spa for a whole week.  It is, however, a restaurant-week like approach to spas.  During Spa Week (which is going on now!)  you can make 50 minute appointments for $50.  These appointments go  pretty quickly, but are worth if it you can get it.

Red Door Spas are generally available during spa week.  Places will have massages, facials, and even botox.  I usually have trouble finding the types of massages I like (I like deep tissue and sports massages), but I use this as an opportunity to splurge on something I don’t normally do, like a moisturizing treatment.

For people newer to spa-ing, a lot of places will offer mini-packages, where you get around 20 minutes of three different treatments. And some a wooden spoon with pink salt and a bottle of oilplaces, you can really get a great deal.  Near where I used to live (in New York), you can get a 75-minute deep tissue massage and scrub for $50.  Two of my favorite treatments for a longer time than most of the other promotions.

You used to need to call around until you find a spa that has availability during spa-week.  Now, many of the places let you book online–a fantastically easier way to book an appointment.

I’m a spa-evangelist, and believe in introducing friends to relaxation.  The only affiliate credit we get is if you buy a gift card, but since it is currently spa week, I would skip worrying about getting gifts for other people and just get your appointment booked!  (Unless, of course, you would like to generously donate to my spa-ing.  I’m looking at you, Keri).

As a side note, the website is also a great resource for finding resorts with full-service spas.


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  1. Thanks for highlighting Spa Week! I didn’t know about it and was thinking about booking a spa treatment this week – turns out I can get it almost half off with the promotion. Thanks, gals!

  2. I actually had my first massage in DC through Spa Week in the days before Groupon. I’m willing to pay for a good massage but $100+ on an unknown entity was more than I wanted to risk. Spa Week to the rescue!!

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