Good Time to Top Off Radisson Points with 50% Purchasing Bonus

Many people were disappointed that Radisson’s new deal does not apply to European hotels, but now’s your chance to top off those miles for an international stay.  Also, with this offer, you can stay almost 7 nights in Orlando for $280!

Radisson is currently offering a 50% bonus to points purchases now through November 10th.  This helps in two ways.

First, Radisson has a 40,000 point purchasing cap on buying Gold Points.  This cap does not include bonus points.  This means, you can outright purchase 60,000 points using this special–something you cannot normally do.

Second, this bonus makes more financial sense than paying full price at many European locations.  Hotel rates in Europe are notoriously high, and if you were planning on filling a gap in a reward stay by paying for a night, it is probably better to buy the points.

Here’s an example:

I purchased just enough points to have 50,000, the highest-rate of redemption for Gold Points.  I couldn’t get exactly 50,000, but I was close.

a screenshot of a computer

That worked out to $238.

Then I looked at a booking for a hotel in Paris:

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The rate is 336 Euros, or about $434.   The 50,000 points were only $238, for a savings of $196.

Your purchase limit with this special is 60,000, so don’t plan on doing your entire stay based on purchased miles.  Also, I wouldn’t advocate necessarily paying $434 to stay at the Radisson Blu (there are great hotels for cheaper), but if you are trying to make use of a stockpile of points and need one or two nights, this works out perfectly.

I also wouldn’t advocate using it for a high category US property.  I tried to think of one of the more expensive Radissons I know of that also is in a higher-end category.  (The Manhattan Radisson, for whatever reason, has never let me book through points).

a screenshot of a flight ticket

You would lose a few dollars by buying it outright, plus lose the nights towards status AND the points you would get from the stay.

Domestically, look for the properties that have very low redemption cost from Radisson.  The hotel in Orlando is PERFECT for families and this promotion.

a screenshot of a flight ticket

60,000 points is $280.  If you have only three thousand points in your account, you can buy the full 60,000 points for $280 and stay seven nights in Orlando.  That works out to $40 a night, in a decent hotel, mind you.  This hotel has shuttle to Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World, and is Guest Blogger Tiff Approved.

Edit:  Correction!  This is the one that is Tiff approved, though both look very nice:

a screenshot of a flight ticket

Just remember to check your options first to evaluate which offer is better when you are considering a stay.  Don’t buy up points only to find out it is cheaper to pay the full rate!  Since I’m just shy of 200,000 points, I will definitely purchase points to close that gap, though I am considering going for all 60k, and just buying a few more next calendar year.  That works out to 5 nights in a top European Property.

Edit: For all the 9,000 point properties, click here!


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  1. I took advantage of this deal. I was a few points shy of booking two rooms for two nights in Paris (needed 200,000 points and I only had a little over 172,000, so for $133 I was able to buy enough points to get rooms at the Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel in Paris! =D

  2. Is there a list of the 9K points/night Radisson hotels?

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