This Hotel Room is Almost Invisible (literally!)

a wooden bridge in a forest

I just came across this awesome hotel that really blends into the background. The Mirrorcube is part of the TreeHotel and is covered with mirrors so it blends into the background.  The beautiful background of the forest it is located in. From the website: The Mirrorcube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, …

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This Resort Lets You Snorkel for Booze

a woman in a garment and goggles underwater

I might just take up snorkeling–I’ve finally found a cause. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort hides bottles of Cruzan Rum in the water so that while you are snorkeling, you have a chance of discovering a bottle of rum. From At Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on the idyllic island of St Thomas, a …

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How to Get a Suite in Vegas for Only $100 More

las vegas hotels $100 suite $20 trick

In the frequent travel world, you’ll hear “it doesn’t hurt to ask” a lot.  This is even more true in Vegas, where many things are negotiable. Someone was just asking me about my experience with getting upgrades at hotels.  While I have status at various hotels in Vegas, my major upgrades …

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Why the Hyatt Website Continues to Frustrate Me

a group of people at a reception

I’m a huge Hyatt fan, and I want to make sure that’s stressed before I start talking about their website.  Because being a great hotel company that gives great experience is better than having a good website, in my opinion. But I’ve continually run into things about their website that …

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Why I Sometimes Give Up on Hotel Stays

a group of people at a hotel reception

About a few years ago, I decided to start applying the lemon law to my hotel stays. The lemon law, originally conceived, provides “a remedy for purchasers of cars and other consumer goods in order to compensate for products that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.”  (Thanks, …

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