Holiday Inn Express is Really Obsessed with Breakfast

I previously wrote about Holiday Inn Express offering pancakes to guests staying up late at night. But Holiday Inn Express has one-upped themselves in the world of breakfast obsessions. They have released a set of breakfast-related emojis for your smart phone. Why? Well… I’m not actually sure why.  Other than …

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My Stays With Club Carlson This Year = 0

I’ve stayed at Club Carlson properties a bunch in the past.  I even got married in one (The New Rochelle Radisson). And I tend to stay at their Country Inn & Suites when staying around the general Virginia area.  And I usually stay half on points, half paying cash. Recently, …

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Why Do You Rarely See Glasses on the Housekeeping Cart?

This video is from about ten years ago, but it’s been going around again and some friends have linked me to it again. In an undercover investigation, the group set up undercover cameras to see what happened when the dirty dishes were left out. Apparently not much–in a bad way. …

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Why I Apply the Lemon Law to My Hotel Stays

About a few years ago, I decided to start applying the lemon law to my hotel stays. The lemon law, originally conceived, provides “a remedy for purchasers of cars and other consumer goods in order to compensate for products that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.”  (Thanks, …

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Am I Crazy? Booking a hotel room while on a cruise.

I’m going on a cruise that goes to port in Puerto Vallarta for two days–from noon until 3pm the next day. There are all-inclusive beach options that cost about $100 per person per day. But when looking at the Hyatt Ziva there, a room for four people costs $500. (For …

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