Am I Crazy? Booking a hotel room while on a cruise.

I’m going on a cruise that goes to port in Puerto Vallarta for two days–from noon until 3pm the next day.

There are all-inclusive beach options that cost about $100 per person per day.

But when looking at the Hyatt Ziva there, a room for four people costs $500.

(For a review of the Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta, check out Pixie’s post on it)

With Diamond check-in, I could probably get in around noon, and at a resort, I can have late check-out until 1pm.

I checked and it is about a $10 cab ride in each direction to and from the hotel.  There are some places that are walk-able, but my guess is they’ll be more crowded than the resort a little further away.

We could choose to sleep in the room or on the boat.

hyatt ziva puerto vallarta


We could hang out, eat our meals there, and generally relax by the pool or beach.

Part of me thinks this makes sense, but part of me is worried I’m just making an excuse to stay at another Hyatt property.

What do you think?  Have you ever done anything like this?  Does it make sense?

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  1. yes – crazy. With the exchange rate in PV right now you can eat/drink dinner at the best restaurants in town for less than $50/person.

    The beach in PV is public and most hotels will let you use their chairs as long as you buy stuff from them.

    PV also has a lot of adventures – consider doing an excursion. If you like snorkeling a trip to Marietta Islands is something you won’t forget. The Vallarta Adventures zip lining is also great!

    And cabs are very cheap. Under $10 anywhere! If you have pesos, the rates are cheaper typically.

  2. I think it’s brilliant.

    I’d even consider using a DSU to really enjoy ourselves. You’ll love having the extra room after being in a cruise ship cabin.

  3. I stayed at this property in March and am going back in November. It’s a great property and beats the heck out of a night in a ship state room. And the food is much better than on the ship.

    I say go for it!

  4. I’d stay on the boat, with cabs and cheap food/entertainment you’ll not need the resort vibe. I took the Canopy Zip Line tour last June and loved it – give that a shot 🙂

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