Airport Security Asks Man to Play Sax–Immediately Asks Him to Stop

This really cracked me up.

Apparently, an airport security agent in Frankfurt asked a musician to take his saxophone out of the case and play it.

I guess it’s the agent’s opportunity to hear some live music for free.

But apparently, the agent isn’t so much of a fan of the more free flowing style of jazz.  (Maybe he was expecting Kenny G?)


The song Ornithology is a Charlie Parker song:

In case you were wondering if he was just bad, he’s a well-regarded jazz musician currently on tour.

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  1. Lol for the KennyG comment, but can you put Mr. Joshua Redman in the title, he’s not an average saxophone player

  2. Funny situation… but I have to agree with the previous comment. You may want to update the title. Joshua Redman happens to be one of the top jazz saxophonists in the country, so he’s more than just a “man”… lol!

  3. In case anyone reading this is interested in learning more about Joshua Redman, aka, the “man” in the title:

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