These Dresses are Geeky-Chic and Available for a Limited Time

A good friend sent me a tweet of a girl wearing a Space Invaders dress.  I had to have.

Luckily, Googling it got me to the website and I got one.  Two days later, the dress was sold out in my size–permanently.

space invaders dress


I was happy I got the dress in time, but also confused.  How could something be sold out permanently if it is popular?

Ah, the website, BlackMilk, has a concept where it releases geeky collections for a limited time and then moves onto the next geek topic.

Right now, they are running a shark week theme.

shark week black milk


You can also check out their museum of outfits from previous connections–but I warn you that it is dangerous because you can never have those dresses.

There is a gorgeous red dress that’s actually a shot from the Hubble Telescope.  I’m in love with it.  It sold out months ago.  <le sigh>



Dresses run ~$60-90.  There is a “Worldwide” version of the site priced in AUD that sometimes has items that appear to be sold out on the US site (and probably vice versa).

I know where all my money is going to for the near future.

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  1. The Space Invaders dress is SO cute! I’m jealous. Congratulations on your purchase!

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