Great Deal on Geeky Ts, Tanks, and more!

The cool cats at SnarkFish T-Shirts have announced a 20% off sale on literally everything in their store until December 21st. Their nifty t-shirts, prints, pins, cute tank tops, and vinyl decals, which embody dorkitude and gaming, are now priced to save.

a woman taking a selfie in a mirror

I’ve streamed and selfies in their shirts a lot.

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In addition, they’ve completed two KILLER new designs, the first capturing the cast of “Rick and Morty†versus the cast of “Back to the Future†in a classic console fighter select screen for the ages.

a cartoon characters on a game screen

The design is currently available as an 11†x 17†glossy print, but will arrive as a t-shirt in men’s fit (sizes small through 4XL) and ladies’ fit (sizes small through 2XL) on Wednesday, December 19th for $20.

The second design, dubbed “Corgzilla!!!â€, is available as an 11†x 17†print and combines a universal love of corgis, kaiju movies, and entirely adorable destruction. The print retails for $12 and can be snagged here.

a cartoon of a dog holding a sign

In addition, SnarkFish has just unleashed a line of some of their geekiest and most popular designs as 4†vinyl decals, the collection of which can be adhered to anything you have consent to adhere them to and purchased here for $5 each.

a cartoon dinosaur riding a green dinosaur

Head on over, take a gander, and have a Geek Chic holiday! 🙂

a cartoon of a robot with a cat and a ball of yarn


Non-disclosure disclosure:  I have not been offered any compensation for this post.  I have purchased all my own gear from here.  I don’t have affiliate links.   I don’t actually have to write this disclosure.

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