Where to Get Breakfast When Staying at Atlantis (Bahamas)

I had a conference this month in the Bahamas (poor me!) at the Atlantis Resort.

Atlantis Brunch Breakfast

For those not familiar with Atlantis, there are a lot of very impressive parts to it; however, it strikes me as more “Vegas” than “Carribean”.

This feeling translated over into a lot of the food options.  And while many of the restaurants were worth the price tag (see: Nobu), I could not find an easy breakfast destination.

I did not have any interest in perusing a buffet option every morning (nor in eating that much food) and was primarily concerned with having a good place to drink my coffee and have a light breakfast of poached eggs.  I didn’t need a full-on Atlantis brunch–just a breakfast!

I found an okay-option on site but found an even better option (just barely) off-site.  And both of these options are good for a more “brunch” style meal in addition to breakfast.  They had all the right drinks available with the off-site option *clearly* having better drink prices.

Onsite-Atlantis Brunch/Breakfast

The place I’d go onsite for brunch/breakfast is Murray’s. It is basically an old-school New York deli with Midtown pricing.

My two poached eggs with hashbrowns and coffee worked out to be over $22 after accounting for the VAT and tip (both automatically built it).

Atlantis Brunch Breakfast

The service was okay and my coffee was not refilled as often as I am used to.

Still, it was fine and if I did not feel like venturing off the resort, I’d go there again for breakfast.  Still, over $22 is a lot for poached eggs!

It was also one of the cheapest meals on the menu.

Here’s the full menu for an Atlantis brunch/breakfast:

a menu board with text on it
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Murray’s breakfast ends at 10:30 am, though their menu has an “all-day omelet” available whenever they are open.

Offsite-Atlantis Brunch/Breakfast

My favorite option for breakfast was just barely offsite.  It’s called Anthony’s and it is next to the liquor store.  You get there by cutting through the village shopping area that is a part of Atlantis.  There’s also a Dunkin Donuts there if you want a very reasonably priced coffee and donut combo.

My poached eggs at Anthony’s set me back $13.65, including VAT and tip.  The level of service was fantastic and I threw down more money for a tip.  (The auto-charged tip wasn’t even $2).

a plate of food with a bowl of cream

Bonus, I liked the potatoes a lot better here.

The staff came around frequently with coffee and even asked how I preferred my coffee to be refilled (when it is empty vs. warming it up).

The manager even came over to see how my breakfast was.  I ended up going back here every day I did not have a work-breakfast to go to.

Here is the full menu for this Atlantis brunch/breakfast:

a menu on a glass case

I didn’t have any cocktails at either place because I was working, so I cannot attest to the places as far as brunch goes, but for breakfast, I was glad to have found Anthony’s.  Anthony’s brunch also goes until 4 pm each day.

As a bonus, I learned that Anthony’s has a 2-for-1 happy hour every day from 4-6.  They also have discounted appetizers during that time.


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