This Machine is Basically a Keurig for Cocktails

I’ve seen a lot of products promise to be the “Keurig for cocktails,” but the actual product hasn’t lived up.  I finally found one that I think does.  Unfortunately, this also means there’s a huge wait list for the product.

Some very Keurig-like version have involved a pod, and the concoction has been a semi-sugary … thing.  But this new invention uses fresh juices and over 300 cocktail recipes.


“If you put in ginger beer and then vodka, it’ll give you a list and say, ‘OK, now you can make a Moscow Mule or Madras or you can make etc., etc.’,†CEO Dylan Purcell-Lowe told USA Today.

Even better, these Soma Pods are dishwasher-safe, reusable, and portable, so you can keep your ingredients cold in the fridge until you need them. And on top of the Somabar is a silver cap that holds bitters for even more crafty cocktails.

And if that’s not enough, the machine has a self-cleaning mechanism that flushes the whole system with water in between every drink, so no more messes (at least from making cocktails … no promises about your toddler and his juice).

This cocktail creator pulls from various mixers and liquors you attach to it, and creates a variety of drinks you can imbibe.  Even better, it can pay attention to what liquors and mixers you mix up and spit out what drinks you can make with the ingredients.


In addition to using the official Sombar recipes, users can input their own.

Here’s it in motion:

You can choose what goes into the pods and liquor vessels, and it’ll spit out a cocktail.

It runs a cool ~$450, but could replace a bartender at your next event.

It creates a cocktail in seconds–and yes, you can input your own recipes.

I haven’t tried it out myself yet and the wait list is pretty long.  I’m still trying to decide whether I want to be replaced at my own events as the official bartender.

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