Almost Every Episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is Free

One of my favorite TV shows when I was yonger was Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.  It was on really late at night on Fridays, so I had to rely on taping it with a VCR (kids, do you know what that is?) to see episodes.

That, luckily, resulted in having a bunch of VCR tapes I could watch at anytime.  Those are now gone to the ages.

space ghost coast to coast

Now, Cartoon Network has released most of the Space Ghost episodes online.

From the A.V. Club:

The Adult Swim animator and voice actor who played both Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost Coast To Coast—died over the weekend, and as a tribute to him, Adult Swim aired the Coast To Coast pilot on Sunday night. Unfortunately for people interested in catching up on Cartoon Network’s cult-classic talk show spoof, though, the rest of the episodes are rather difficult to come by these days thanks to the DVDs going out of print. Now, to make up for that, Adult Swim has made almost every episode of Space Ghost Coast To Coastavailable to stream on its website for free. You don’t even need a cable provider or a login.

It’s great that Cartoon Network honored Martin Croker in this way.  Zorak was probably the absolutely funniest part of the television show.

You can see the episodes online here.

The episodes feature the ballsy and controversial episode, Fire Ant, which features Space Ghost following an ant for about ten minutes.

Just following the ant.  Nothing else.

And of course, the heart-wrenching episode featuring a man’s love for his pet, Banjo.

Finally, one of the best episodes of the series strongly featuring Martin Croker, Batmantis (with guest star, Adam West).

For some other awesome Zorak moments, check out the single episode variety show, Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak (not to be confused with The Brak Show).

Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak… by moonmetropolis

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  1. Good thing I already own all the DVDs, that show was genius!

    I have a VCR if you need to borrow it

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