Get 3 Months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99 total

For non-current users of Kindle Unlimited, you can get three months of the service for $0.99 on Amazon through December 31st.

I received an email inviting me to this offer and I used to be a Kindle Unlimited member, so it applies to lapsed subscribers too (not just brand new ones).

If you do not plan on continuing this past the three months, make sure you set a calendar reminder to yourself to cancel.

For how I use calendars to manage expiring deals and reminding myself to cancel, click here!

Kindle Unlimited is awesome because you can use it on any device–not just the Kindle product itself.  There used to be a program back in the day that only worked on the Kindle, and since I mostly read on my iPad, I didn’t sign up back then.

I was a member for a while since I love to read in flight.  I discontinued when I accumulated too many physical books and needed to catch up.  I’m pretty much there with catching up now!

What I love is they included magazines in the subscription now.  I used to use a separate service for $10 / month for online magazines!

If you have some vacation time during the holidays and have some time to relax with a book electronic device with words on it, I recommend checking out this deal.  Again, just remember to cancel when the trial is over!

Sign-up here. 

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Please note, I am an Amazon Affiliate and receive a portion of sales that happen through my Amazon link.  If you sign up for the trial, I thank you for your three cents in advance!  People usually only give me their two cents.

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