Geeky T-Shirts, Prints, Pins, and Tanks (oh my!)

I wanted to remind everyone of one of my favorite geeky tshirt spots–SnarkFish T-Shirts this holiday season. Their nifty t-shirts, prints, pins, cute tank tops, and vinyl decals, which embody dorkitude and gaming, are among my go-to items.  And they are a small business run by the dude who manages the Geek Comedy Tour (so double Geek Bonus).

a woman taking a selfie in a mirror

I’ve streamed and selfied in their shirts a lot.

a woman holding a bottle of champagne

In addition, they’ve completed new designs (descriptions by them).

Iron Trooper:
a cartoon of a man holding a spear
Arguably THE greatest combination of Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Iron Maiden known to man, SnarkFish’s Iron Trooper t-shirt is sure to plow through anything in its path and rock your very world! 

The shirt is printed on a 100% cotton Gildan shirt and is available in small through 4XL sizes for the men’s fits and a 100% cotton Bella shirt in sizes small through 2XL for ladies’ fits.

a man and woman standing in front of a forest

We are of the belief that it verily, heartily, and efficiently ROCKS and will adorn your carbon-based torso in style…

Rancors Need Love Too:
a cartoon of a dinosaur holding a sword
After more than 30 years, we’re proud to offer the first t-shirt that understands things from the Rancor’s point of view. Yes, this near-perfect engine of horrifying destruction has feelings. And needs. And it would like to be loved, which is as universal an idea as anything else.

Available as both a cotton men’s Gildan in sizes small through 4XL as well as a cotton ladies’ Bella in sizes small through 2XL, this is perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life as well as someone who’d happily snuggle a Rancor in return.

Science AF: Curie/Sagan:
a black shirt with white text

The follow up to the greatest science-based t-shirt known to man.

SnarkFish is proud to bring you the Science AF 2 (Curie/Sagan) print, complete with rather ripped Marie Curie and Carl Sagan meeting amongst their amazing worlds of science.

The shirt is available in both a men’s Gildan fit sizes small through 4XL as well as a ladies’ Bella fit sizes small through 2XL, and includes an amazing glow in the dark layer that GLOWS IN THE FREAKING DARK and is AMAZING!!! 🙂

Strongest Avenger T-Shirt (Pre-Order):
a black t-shirt with white text

A momentous t-shirt commemorating the greatest Flerkin that ever took Nick Fury’s eye. This print envisions the mighty Goose in his true role as the Strongest Avenger as he strides forth in his quantum armor towards destiny…

The shirt will be available in men’s small through 4XL on a 100% cotton Gildan tee and ladies’ small through 2XL on a 100% cotton Bella tee.

Perfect for every Marvel geek on your shopping list, or every feline aficionado, period.

Head on over, take a gander, and have a Geek Chic holiday!

Non-disclosure disclosure:  I have not been offered any compensation for this post.  I have purchased all my own gear from here.  I don’t have affiliate links.   I don’t actually have to write this disclosure.

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