Tieks Are My New Work Travel Shoe of Choice

About five years ago, a friend recommended https://clickbet88.org/ for my work travel.  I’d like to start with a huge apology to her for waiting five years to try them.  They really are amazing travel flats.

My five-year hesitancy revolved around their $195 price tag.  I was cycling through flat-after-flat, sore-foot-after-sore-foot in $40 shoes, hoping to save a buck.

After my last conference and set of sore feet, I started thinking about my running shoes and how I spent a lot of them because I spent a lot of time running.  So I said to myself, hey dummy, maybe you should also invest a lot in the shoes you wear when you are on your feet a lot.

So I bought some Tieks.


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Tieks are flexible and durable ballet shoes that fold in half for easy travel storage.  They come with little tiny travel sacks that I was sure I would never get the shoes into–and yet they fit easily.  This not only makes them compact but also keeps the bottoms of the shoes from making contact with the rest of my clothing.

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There is a whole pair of shoes in there.

The flexibility is a must-have for me.  I have really high arches thanks to dancing and figure skating, so many ballet flats fall off my feet.  These shoes are flexible enough to wrap around your foot–and in fact, they suggest sizing down.  The shoe somehow hugged my foot without cutting into the sides of it.

As for comfort, I decided to “stress test” the shoes by seeing how long I could walk in them before they started hurting.  I did this because I really care about you, my readership (but really, because I was losing my Fitbit step challenge).

I walked six miles before my feet started hurting*.  And the only part of my feet that were hurting were my heels.  I was getting a slight blister, something that would be easily preventable if I applied PreHeels ahead of time.

*I have to caveat that I normally walk a lot.

Do I like the $195 price tag?  Of course not.  Do I think it matches up to the quality I’d expect from a pair of $195 shoes?  Definitely.

For right now, the only shoes I have to compare this to are my $40 shoes.  I ordered a pair of Birdies for comparison, but those took an extended vacation courtesy of the post office, so missed this work trip.  But I can update when I compare the two (though I have a feeling Tieks would be the winner still due to their flexibility and ease of packing).

If $195 is out of your price range, Tieks currently has a raffle where you get an entry per every dollar donation you make towards Ukraine–just in case that’s of interest to you.

And no, I still didn’t win my Fitbit challenge.  Alas.

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  1. Congrats on finally getting yourself a pair of Tieks. I love how comfy they are and they’re also very cute. I bought my first pair 4 years ago and today I own 40 pairs. Did I mention I like them, haha

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