How I Spare My Feet Pain while Wearing Heels on Work Travel (a PreHeels review)

When I’m traveling for business, I have various meetings and events that require business attire.  I wear pumps (heels) with my businesswear and I spend a lot of time on my feet.   I’m frequently asked how I do it so I figured I’d share it here.  I always use a product called PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray on my feet (found on Amazon here).

PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray preheels review

This product is different from other anti-blister feet products.  It actually creates a mini-layer between your shoe and your feet.  It’s like having an invisible sock on (that also doesn’t annoyingly slide around).

It helps prevent the pinch and blistering on the front of my toes and keeps the back of the shoes from blistering and irritating my heels.  For stiffer shoes, I put the spray everywhere my shoe will touch.

When I don’t use the PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray, I regret it.  I’ll think “It’s only for Agen Slot Gacor” and forget how fast blisters and corns can form.

Once when traveling, I ran out and realized it’s not commonly sold in stores.  I ran into a beauty supply shop and got an anti-blister cream, and ended the night with red and aching feet.  (Ouch).

It’s how I’ve been able to be on stage so long at the Freddie’s as well:

Heels possible by PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray preheels review

So I can relax and have a drink afterward:

Relaxing with a drink thanks to PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray preheels review

I still relish taking my heels off at the end of the night, but my feet are fine the next day.

The main downside (and the only negative in my Preheels review) to the PreHeels Barefoot Essential Blister Prevention Spray is that it will melt your toenail polish.  I have to create little coverings for my toenails and I spray very carefully.  Also, if you accidentally get it on your fingers, you risk the nail polish there as well.  (Note, this is true for most spray-on things–avoid spraying sunblock cans onto your toenails if you want to preserve your pedicure).

Unfortunately, it is hard to find in stores, but you can find it on Amazon and at other online retailers.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and was done without the knowledge of Barefoot Essential (the company that makes PreHeels).  If you buy anything through my Amazon links, I do make a small commission, and as always, appreciate the support.

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  1. My heel days ended when covid started but I’m bookmarking this for when events ever resume. Sounds like a miracle.

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