Netflix for Clothing — a Le Tote Review

After checking out some Le Tote reviews, I decided to try it for myself.  In my review below compare it to similar products I’ve tried in the past and give my honest feedback.

One trend I’ve been trying out lately is subscribing to boxes of mysterious clothing.  What clothing you are getting is the mystery part–the clothing themselves don’t bear a resemblance to a 1940s noir movie or anything.

I tried out Stitch Fix, the box that promises to individually pick out pieces to meet your style–which failed miserably (though my husband still laughs about some of the outfits).

I had more luck with Golden Tote.  The pieces Slot Gacor they pick out are great for the most part.  I do wish I knew 1. other women who subscribed 2. who wear my size in clothing so I could trade the pieces I don’t like.  Their box is an all-or-none deal, so you can choose to keep or return the entire box.

–Le Tote Review–

I’ve found the most luck with Le Tote, a Netflix type service for clothing.

Basically, you receive a box.  You can send it back as soon as you like and they will ship another box to you.  Because they are in California, this process takes 3-4 days for me.  You can also keep the box as long as you like.

Unlike the other boxes, you can wear the clothing around for a while.

If you find you like it, you can check how much that piece will cost you.  Then you send back the rest.

You just select the dresses you like.

Le Tote Reviews Selection

The thing that I’ve liked the most about this service is that the sizes have been spot on.  Someone reached out to me to ask about how they were fitting and I mentioned I prefer no sleeves because I have short arms and larger biceps for my overall size.  I started receiving strapless and sleeveless after that.

Here are some from my last few boxes:

(It is hard to see the patterns on the dresses from the shots in the mirror, so I took overly dramatic selfies.  You’re welcome.  This is why I fail at SnapChat).

le tote reviews

This fit really well and hung nicely.  I ended up keeping it even though I didn’t expect much from the online photo before I received it.

This looks terrible in the picture, but mostly because I’m terrible at taking pictures of myself.  I had the camera sitting on a music note holder.  The pattern on this one was really cute and I got a ton of compliments on it.

le tote reviews

le tote reviews

Dramatic selfie.

le tote reviews

This one also fit really nicely.  I think via the measurements they ask you to submit, they are able to choose things that fit your body type, not just your flat out size.

And the pattern on this one was cute too (kept it).

le tote reviews

Dramatic selfie part 2

Le Tote also sends accessories to go with the outfits.  Everything they’ve picked out has paired nicely with what they sent, and I have a really bad habit of keeping/buying the accessories.

le tote reviews

le tote reviews


Unlike Netflix, you do not get to choose the order of your queue.  You choose things you’d like to be sent and they create a set of what they think would be good for that week.  If they need to fill in a few items to make that box cohesive, they try to fit your aesthetic.

What’s been great is they pay attention to seasons.  I’ve been subscribing for a few months now and once it became summer, they let me know I didn’t have enough lightweight clothing on it for the weather.  They sent me a few dresses they thought I would like and I loved them.

I found even though they make fewer promises than StitchFix, they over-deliver on the level of service they give you.

The dresses I took pictures of for this were randomly selected, based on me remembering to take pictures.  There were some dresses I liked even better than these (and one I wore a lot on vacation but can’t find any photos with me in it!)  I’ll include them in future Le Tote reviews.

What I do now is I pack up my Le Tote when traveling for work and I’ll wear the outfits around and send it back while I’m still traveling (if I’m traveling domestic).  I don’t always get the next box in enough time for my next trip, but it certainly makes packing easier.

Their rules are if you destroy it, or lose it, you bought it–which sounds fair to me.

My biggest problem has been keeping myself disciplined enough not to keep everything I love.  I can always order it again.  The best part is, they clean it when you send it back.  So if you take dry cleaning costs into consideration, there’s another savings right there.

If you use my sign up link, you get a $25 credit towards your box (but full disclosure, I would get a credit as well) PLUS use discount code LETOTESTYLE31 for $10 off one month’s box.  The boxes are $59 per month, or you can just get accessories for $19 a month.

Le Tote has been really easy for me and fun too.  Now I model my new outfits when they come in the mail around the house.


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  1. Just in case you are wondering, there is a trading group for Golden Tote on facebook!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks! Have you used it?

      • I’ll jump in and tell you I loooove the Facebook group! I’ve traded and bought many items from there + the ladies are just phenomenal 🙂 I hope you join us!! Warning, we are total enablers.

        I am also trying Le Tote for the first this month & am really excited. Especially after your review!

  2. There is a woman who subscribes to everything incl. golden tote on and she has a great link/site for trading anything from any subscription! So you can trade a golden tote dress for some wantable accessories or another item as long as it’s from a subscription box. She does golden tote reviews along with her other boxes. She never shows how she looks in the stuff, just has everything on a mannequin but she’s very descriptive. And I’m def going to try a trade on her site. You should check it out bc that would help you with dilemma 1&2!

  3. NP! Btw your site is great!

  4. Great review. I decided to click subscribe. 😀

    Although I have a question, what if I like the stuff in the tote and decided to keep all of it. Do I have to pay for the price (let’s say altogether it cost $200) plus the $30 since I’ll not be returning them?

  5. Little confused with the Le Tote. So I for $49 a month, each week I get a box of clothes? Or is it they send me one box and I get the next box once I send the first one back?

  6. I have been debating on signing up for Le Tote. Are you still loving it?!? I’ve seen some great review and some not-so-great reviews so I am somewhat skeptical.

  7. I’ve been subscribing to LeTote for the past 6 months or so. I *love* the clothes they’ve sent, but have a HUGE problem with how long it takes to get things back and forth. The majority of the month is actually spent waiting since they don’t ship you your new tote until your old tote gets back to them and they’ve processed it and packed your new tote.

    Typical schedule: Monday morning drop the tote off at the post office, reaches LeTote on Wednesday afternoon. They process it that day and then the next tote ships out the following afternoon. They promise 2 day shipping, but when something goes out on Thursday late afternoon, it doesn’t arrive (if you’re lucky) until Saturday or usually the next Monday.

    I’ve suggested switching to overnight shipping, or at the very least shipping the new tote when they get the shipping notification that you’ve sent your last tote back, but haven’t seen that come true yet! I’m not sure how much longer I’ll continue spending $49/month to mostly just wait …

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