Couple Misses Flight, Rushes Runway, and Squats Under Plane to Prevent Departure

A couple missed their flight when they attempted to board the plane too late.

The aircraft door had been closed, but the plane didn’t depart yet.  The flight was an Air China flight from Beijing to Shanghai

So the couple knocked staff out of the way, rushed the gate, and ran under the plane to prevent the airplane from departing.

From the Mirror:

It is reported that the jet bridge had also already been removed when the couple dashed onto the runway to stop the aircraft from leaving.

In shocking scenes, the woman was pictured squatting down underneath the plane as she tried to convince officials to let her and her partner board it.

After creating a 20-minute delay, the couple was arrested.

Unlike the man who rushed onto the runway, they were not allowed to board their flight.

According to Aviation Republic, once the police arrived, the man helped drag his wife into the police car.  She was also the first to run for it, so perhaps he’ll have “being a supportive husband” as a line of defense?

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  1. seasoned travelers, right ?

  2. quote the most popular American slogan: just follow your heart & be yourself.

  3. That’s not the runway. The picture makes clear that that’s the apron right by the gate. Obviously it’s still bizarre behavior that is, shall we say, not likely to have the intended effect.

  4. its the “if we can’t go , no one is going” system

  5. I guessed it was a chinese woman before I even read the article

  6. Whoooo! I correctly guessed the nationality prior to opening the article.

  7. Need to add this to the list of Civilised Behavior Guidelines for Chinese Tourists….
    Don’t try to board airplane after door is closed
    See Gov’t List of Civilised Behaviors for Chinese Tourists.

  8. cut her head off

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