It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day–Here’s How to Celebrate (free things, games, & more)

Arr me mateys, tis Talk like a Pirate Day!

Get your hook on and your eye patch out for the second day of the year you might not receive strange looks for wandering out of the house dressed like a pirate*.

From left: Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers and John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur Photo by Karl Maasdam, Karl Maasdam Photography
From left: Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur
Photo by Karl Maasdam, Karl Maasdam Photography

First of all, why does this holiday exist?

From the Talk like a Pirate Day press release:

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is the only holiday on the calendar that encourages people to babble like buccaneers for the sheer, anarchic fun of it. It’s been celebrated by millions of people on all seven continents – yes, even at the South Pole – and on the International Space Station!

The holiday was the brainchild (if that’s the right word) of John Baur and Mark Summers, two friends from Albany, Ore., who were playing racquetball when, for reasons that aren’t clear to either of them now, they started insulting each other in pirate jargon. They decided to start Talk Like a Pirate Day, and picked September 19th because it is Summers’ ex-wife’s birthday. The date was stuck in his head and he wasn’t doing anything with it anymore, so it would be easy to remember, Summers said.

When the holiday first came out, it was mostly celebrated by us geeks online.  And mostly just through sending instant messages to each other in pirate speak.  (I remember being excited when someone created a website that would “translate” your text into pirate).

But now that the holiday has increased in popularity, the celebration has grown.  Here are some ways you can celebrate today.

Get a free donut (or a dozen donuts!)

Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut to anyone who speaks like a pirate, or a free dozen donuts to anyone who dresses like a pirate.  This makes me very tempted to wear my pirate outfit to a Krispy Kreme (along with my dead parrot shoulder-wear), even though I can’t eat donuts.  It’s just a good excuse to wear a pirate outfit!

Get Free Fish

Looks like Long John Silver’s appropriately involved as well.  Talk like a pirate or dress like pirate for some free fish (or chicken).

Talk Like a Pirate

Receive a free piece of Alaskan Whitefish

(or piece of Chicken)

Dress Like a Pirate

Receive a free 2 pc. Fish Basket

(or chicken)

They suggest calling ahead to make sure your Long John Silver’s is participating.  Unfortunately, my local one just closed.

Free shrimp for Canadians

As per this link

  • All nine of Canada’s The Captain’s Boil Cajun Seafood Boil restaurant, is planning to host a ITLAPD Snapchat campaign over this weekend until Monday at all nine of its locations. 1. Talk like a pirate with their geofilters! 2. Screencap & post on Instagram with #CaptainsBoil 3. Get a chance to win a FREE pound of shrimp on your next visit!

Play some pirate games

Geek and Sundry has a list of great board games to play while talking like a pirate.  Here’s a list of their selections, including the great Libertalia. 

Learn pirate speak

Want to talk like a pirate but find your language skills lacking?  Here’s a glossary of some pirate terms you can add to your lexicon to have you swashbuckling in no time!

Watch the worst episode of Bar Rescue ever

Even John Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue, has some regrets about this episode.  In Season 2, Bar Rescue came in to rescue Piratz Tavern, a bar in Silver Spring, MD.

I had been to that bar before, and while the atmosphere was fun, we got scolded for cooking our “make your own sausage” incorrectly.  The grog also knocked me off my arse after one drink,

Mix some drinks

What better way to get into a pirate mood than by mixing up some drinks?

Here’s a long, long list of drinks and recipes.  It includes very pirate-y cocktails, including grog, but also includes tiki drinks.

Read about the history of pirate speak

Time explores the question–did Disney invent the pirate accent?

I’ll be adding more items to this list as I find out about them!

*results not guaranteed

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  1. The grog at Piratz was no joke — and probably the only good thing about that place (besides the atmosphere!).

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