Restaurant Reviews

Joselito: A Spanish Gem in Capitol Hill, DC

a plate of food on a plate

I just returned from Madrid, but I still can’t stop thinking about the meal I had before I left for Spain in DC at Joselito. I’ve been to a few Spanish restaurants in DC but most of them have felt like the theme-park version of Spanish cuisine.  (I’m very specifically thinking …

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Hom-burger in Paradise (well, Charleston, SC)

a bar with many bottles and glasses

I recently took a vacation to Charleston, SC, to escape the… rainy… cold… of a Virginia May…? I didn’t expect the unseasonably bad weather in Virginia, but it was beautiful in Charleston. One thing I was pleasantly surprised by in Charleston was the quality of their restaurants, as well as …

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What Is the Value of Yelp?

a table and chairs outside a building

When I travel to different places, I tend to do research when I’m on the plane on my way to the destination.  People often ask me–do you use Yelp to plan your trips? Yes and no. I used to use FourSquare all the time before the huge Swam debacle.  I’m easing …

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Meat Filled Donuts in Old Town Alexandria

a group of meatballs with sauce on a wooden surface

Yesterday, I dropped by John Strongbow’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, and it turned out they just released a new menu (not reflected on their site yet). I saw an item, Strongbow’s Fritters, which promised to be something that crossed donuts and meat.   This was my most literal usage …

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Where is the Best Barbecue in Austin?

a plate of food on a table

Where’s the best barbecue in Austin?  Gary at View from the Wing wrote about a new barbecue place that popped up in Austin, Terry Black’s Barbecue. While it did not live up to his standards, he mentioned a couple of favorite barbecue places in the Austin area– Black’s Barbecue (different) …

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