Grilled Cheese Bar in Northern Virginia (oh, and tater tots)

This bar combines a few of my favorite things:  grilled cheese, tater tots, and a selection of unusual ciders.

Oh and it’s name?  Spacebar.  And they embrace the theme.

Spacebar is located in Falls Church, VA and features an ever-rotating selection of unusual and local draft/bottled beers.

It also carries meads and ciders.

Here’s a strawberry cider I got there a few times and wish they’d bring back soon!



And even though Tiff is famous for her trying canned wine (she never said she liked it!), I’m the bigger canned wine drinker.  I really like getting their canned sparkling wine, complete with a sippy straw.



You can make your own grilled cheese or order off their menu of favorites.

Sometimes I order their caprese style grilled cheese.



Other times, I invent my own.  Here’s a monstrosity of horseradish, roast beef, and every cheese they have:


I do not necessarily recommend every cheese they have because the meat kept trying to slip out of the bread.

Their basket of tater tots are there perfect level of crispiness.





And they have a variety of dipping sauces you can order.

This is the chipotle aioli.


Spacebar seems to be either empty or packed with no in between.  There is no table service, so you order everything from the bar.

There’s a TV in there that’s usually showing some classic movies, which I find myself watching.

They’ve carried beer that I could drink in the past (I have a hops allergy), so I’m always interested in seeing what’s new there.

I haven’t been there when they’ve carried meads, but I’d love to try some there.  I’m a huge fan of mead, which is basically fermented honey.  It’s having a resurgence in popularity, and I’ve had really unusual mead lately (for example, mojito mead).

I totally recommend chomping down on one of these grilled cheeses.  They have the right level of crust, but the sandwiches never get too hard or crunchy.

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