Bar Owner Changes Tune on Two-Way Mirror from Bathroom: “Women Feel Uncomfortable.”

In April, a female comedian posted a video of a two-way mirror in the bathroom of a bar she performed in.

The owner’s initial reaction was defensive and… well… kind of creepy.

He has since changed his tune on the mirror after talking to more women about it.

(Scroll down if your browser doesn’t show a video right here)

His big argument is that since his actual intention behind the two-way mirror was to scare people (for example, he had a pop up monster with a light in there sometimes), his mind didn’t even go to the potential misuses of a two-way mirror.

He aired some concerns he had with the comedian–she never brought up any of these concerns with the mirror directly to him, she drank for free all night, and she didn’t use her time on stage to warn the other women in the bar that there was a two-way mirror.

It sounds like there’s generally some tension (understatement of the year) between these two.

I believe him that he didn’t actually have creepy intentions behind the mirror.  But his dislike of the comedian who revealed this mirror overrode common sense when the world found out about the mirror.

He gave bizarre interviews, doubled-down on his opinion, and generally came off as drunk when giving statements.  He should have reacted to the video by expressing that he hadn’t heard these complaints before and that he was going to take some time to think about it.

Not by upping the creepy ante just to be edgy.

As a reminder, from

Lottz said the mirror, installed in 2001 for use in Halloween pranks, would be removed, a reversal from late April, when he said he would “burn this [expletive] place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror.”

Either way, the good news is that this mirror is getting taken down.  And there’s no potential for a rogue employee or customer to hide out in the women’s bathroom behind the two-way video.  That’s the important part.

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