Meat Filled Donuts in Old Town Alexandria

Yesterday, I dropped by John Strongbow’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, and it turned out they just released a new menu (not reflected on their site yet).

I saw an item, Strongbow’s Fritters, which promised to be something that crossed donuts and meat.

John Strongbow's Fritters


This was my most literal usage of the phrase “Amaze-balls” ever.

The outside was very crispy and the inside was extremely soft.

John Strongbow's fritters


It was creamy and a bit sweet, but the sort of sweet Asian food usually has.

It was sort of a British version of this kind of dim sum (for that review, go here)

Fried pork dumplings

I’m struggling for a better description because the flavors were so unique.

The texture was great.  The crispiness of the outside went really well with the soft, creamy inside.

The dipping sauce was berry based and tasty, but I preferred just eating them plain.

They were so good, I neglected an item that is usually my favorite (and was quite good too):

John Strongbow's Sweet Potato Fries


Sweet potato fries with a honey mustard dipping sauce.

I need to take Keri and go back and write a more comprehensive review because the wine list was really extensive and very well priced.

They had a lot of big tables for large groups so maybe this is a possible good meet-up location in the future!

Anything to get more of those donuts… mmm….



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    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It looks like that in the picture, but the dough and inside texture are nothing like a croquette in real life. It’s sorta like a filled donut, but with lots of filling. (It’s called a fritter on the menu, but it is closest to a donut I think).

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