DD Perks: Free $5 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card and Medium Coffee with App

DD Perks

DD Perks

Dunkin’ Donuts is advertising a free $5 DD card and free medium beverage when you enroll in DD Perks with the app.

You must enroll using the DD Perks app.

I signed up and wasn’t sure where the promo code goes.  I finally realized you need a DD card to sign up.  I bought a tiny amount to test it out (since I go to Dunkin’ anyway), and when I registered for the DD Perks afterwards, there was a place to enter the promo code.  Make sure you fill out the promo code!  And make sure you are creating a new account, not previously linked to DD Perks.

I want to note this process was confusing–I didn’t see any confirmation of the $5 gift card, even though the promo code went through.  Dunkin’ is a legitimate company and their app has good reviews, but everyone else on twitter responding to them seemed confused that there is no confirmation for the $5 card (or notice saying the promo ran out) and were worried they didn’t get it.

I didn’t see the gift card on the app yet.  So I logged into the browser version of DD Perks after that, and saw two gift cards sitting there–the small one I bought, and the $5 one from Dunkin’.

Sweet!  $5.



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  1. True but you need to add money to get it – its kinda cheap on their part.

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