New Information About M life Benefit Downgrade

I wrote about how M life removed the early check-in / late check-out information from its chart.

View from the Wing linked to the article and a comment on his page said they were still able to get early check-in:

M life early check in

Like I said before, hotels could still give these benefits at their discretion, so it would not surprise me if they continue to give it out.  But since I had just seen the benefit on the award chart a few days before I noticed it missing, I started poking around on the site a bit more.

I found graphics advertising that the elite benefits chart is changing on October 1st.

New Benefits October 1st

This can mean one of two things–or preferably, both.

1. The early check-in/check-out is only removed as of October 1st and they updated the site early.

2. They will be adding new benefits to replace these (which may or may not be better).

I can’t know for sure which is true, but to me–both of these make sense.

My guess is they just took the benefit down early.  It wouldn’t make sense for them to send around a memo to the casinos taking away a benefit and then later send a memo around adding one.  My guess is that October 1st is their “cycle” for changing benefits, and casinos will receive a list of the benefits as of October 1st all at once.

Again, none of this is for sure, other than M life advertising that benefits change on October 1st.  But in true Vegas fashion, I’m willing to place a large bet on it.

What are your thoughts?


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