This Hotel Will Block Election Coverage for Its Guests–including clipping it from their newspapers

Tired of hearing about the election coverage and just need a break?

Then you should consider staying at the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston.

Not only will they block all news channels from your television, but they will clip all election coverage from your daily newspaper.

newspaper clipping

From the hotel’s website:

Feeling overwhelmed by the political news coverage? We’ve made the impossible possible – you can now escape all news of the upcoming Presidential Election!

We recommend upgrading to our Reading Suite so you can read anything else your heart desires. The serene suite features a curated collection of titles signed by the authors & a cozy reading nook. (aka the respite your political brain craves)

This package includes:


–Overnight stay for two in one of our luxurious Executive Suites


–All television news channels in your room will be blocked


–Election/news sections will be removed from your daily newspaper

I’m actually staying in Boston tonight and had considered this hotel.  I opted for a different one, so I won’t get to take advantage of it.  Anyway, I’ll be at a bar this evening, so it’d be pretty difficult to miss what’s going on.  Still, I’d love to see how they’d deal with the newspaper tomorrow!

(Thanks to Babs, for telling me about this!)

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  1. Check out the Hawthorne if you’re still around the Hotel Commonwealth. It’s one of the better craft cocktail bars in the city.

    If you have time to wander outside of Boston, go to the Baldwin Bar in Woburn. Its award winning bartenders have been on the cover of GQ and have won international competitions. I’ve been going there for years.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks for the advice! I had two other cocktail bars suggested to me, but I’ll be here a few days so another is even better.

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