Great Car GPS Mount for Phone for $5

I’ve been trying to find a car mount for my new Galaxy S5 that doesn’t require me to take the phone out of the case I bought for it.

I got a huge case for it (that I love) because I’m so afraid of breaking it.

So many of the phone mounts I was finding were $30 and up.  Then I found this $5 one, figured I’d take a chance, and it has worked out wonderfully.

Car mount amazon

It claims to be a dash/windshield mount, but I had no luck getting it to stick to the dash.  (I bought it for windshield use anyway–I just wanted to see if it worked).

It can be unloosened to change the angle it displays at, but make sure it is fully tightened before using it.  Once, I put it up and the cell phone weight shifted it down so quickly, it pulled off the windshield.

Other than that, it has been functioning much better than its $5 price tag suggests.  The clamp style design makes it really easy to use, and I’m extremely happy I didn’t buy one of the $30+ ones.

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  1. I find the SpiderPodium works better for me.

    I usually flatten it out and put it on the outside face of laptop pocket in my messenger bag when travelling. This adds some protection for laptop against bumps as well. Plus it’s very flexible for lots of uses not just car mount.

  2. Standard (17-28 business days)

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