Great Headphone Splitter on Sale on Amazon

A great headphone splitter is on sale on Amazon today for $10.50. I used headphone splitters a lot when traveling with friends. before US Airways got internet on most flights, and I still use them internationally for movies I have queued up. A note about splitters though–be careful if someone unplugs …

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Fines Over Selfie Sticks in Korea Due to Health Concerns

Keri wrote about her foray into the world of selfie sticks. Apparently, not everyone is super excited about selfie sticks. According to PetaPixel: The South Korean government is threatening selfie stick retailers with fines of up to $27K and jail time over some of the group selfie products they’re selling, …

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Laptop Bag Suggestions Welcome!

So, I’ve been the sort of person who has paid a lot of attention to what my laptop bag looks like and not how it functions. I’ve been using one of those cross laptop-tote bags.  Not good for the shoulder. Soooo…., I tore my rotator cuff.  (NOT RECOMMENDED). My doctor …

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