Steep Discount on Great Purse Organizer for Short Period of Time

The Dahlia Women’s Nifty Purse Organizer Insert for Handbags is steeply marked down from $28 to $15 for a limited time only on Amazon’s lightning deals (retail $47) in pink, tan, and black (the grey is the default view so click on another color to its left to see the sale items).

Edit: The lightning part of the sale is now over, but all are on sale for $18.50. Please note they are two different sizes!

Purse Organizer


This purse organizer not only keeps you neat, but allows you to switch from purse to purse with ease.  I tend to use an organizer to keep my travel items all together and throw it in the bag I’m taking a trip with.

purse organizer 2


A warning that there are different organizers lumped into the product page.  The selections on the right are a different product.

But to get an idea of the side of this item, look at the metro card in the picture above.  It’s two credit cards across long, but it is also wide.

Purse organizer 3


For some reason, the blue and grey purse organizers are not part of this promo 🙁


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  1. looks like there are two sizes avail: small pink/tan/black and large blue/gray. All same price. Thanks!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks for noticing that! I knew it came in grey and skipped over the sizes. I was wondering why it was more expensive!

  2. oops – large one is $18.75.

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