This Product Will Help You Pack Faster and Keep You From Forgetting Things

I just came across an item on Kickstarter called GearEye.  It tracks all your gear and lets you know if something is missing from your bag.

From the GearEye Description:

GearEye uses tiny, inexpensive, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags as tracking devices for your gear. The GearTags use a powerful adhesive and are easy to apply on almost every surface, so that you can tag all your equipment. The GearEye app also provides additional functionalities, such as customized lists for any specific work project, so that you’re always prepared for any job.

I was expecting this product to be extremely expensive.  It isn’t cheap, mind you, but comes in at $139 which includes 40 tags for your items. 

In addition to tracking tagged items, it can track lists of what items you want to bring on what trips.

You can select different types of lists.  For example, if you wanted to do a whole photo shoot at your destination, you can pull up your list for that.


You can either get an iPhone case or use a dongle to communicate with the tags on your items.

They are slightly different in function:

The dongle serves as a focal point for your GearTags, and communicates via Bluetooth with your GearEye app to let you know if you have everything you need. If GearEye dongle is inside a bag, you can find it in 10 meters with your phone.

The phone case has the same functionality as the dongle, but has slightly bigger scanning range. It attaches to a phone’s bottom connector.

Both may be used as an extension battery.


If the app doesn’t locate your items near you, it will lead you to where they are.

Let’s face it.  I need this to make sure I take all my crap to work each day.

I’ve been tempted to get one of those tag systems from Sharper Image that has a remote you use to make your keys beep, but I haven’t.  First, the sound of the keys beeping in the morning would drive my husband crazy (since I go to work much earlier than him).  Second, I know I’d lose the damn locator.

Sure, I could lose the dongle too.  But it’s small enough that I could just keep in the pocket of my purse.

More about Kickstarter

Please note, with Kickstarter, you are purchasing something before it is produced.  This particular product will ship in December though, as they are far along in the process.

Please be careful with what projects you back.  I focus on places that are currently running a business or have had successful Kickstarters in the past.  When an investment is risky, I make it knowing I could lose my money.  For example, I put some money into a food truck that never ended up being executed on.  This is against Kickstarter’s practices, but there’s nothing you can do if a place goes out of business.

Even though this company has successfully released products in the past, there is no guarantee that something won’t happen during this one–so there is always a risk with Kickstarter.  That said, I’ve had pretty good luck.

If you back this Kickstarter through my link, there’s a chance I could get credit towards getting the product myself.

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