Allegiant Had to Cancel Flight Due to Wedding at Chicago Rockford Airport

Passengers were not too happy after Allegiant had to cancel a flight due to a wedding at the Chicago Rockford Airport.


The first aircraft went out of commission due to a mechanical failure.  Allegiant said their plan to bring in a backup aircraft was foiled by the wedding.

From My State Line:

“We’re getting kicked out for the wedding. There’s people there, they’re crying. There’s one guy who misses his daughter’s wedding, today” said Tantillo. “There’s another woman for her father’s funeral, and there’s another woman I talked to, her 87-year-old mother… she came here to visit for a couple of days, and she doesn’t know what to do with that.”

One passenger said his flight the day before was canceled too.

The airline’s account differs from the airport’s account.  The Rockford Chicago Airport director claims they were prepared to move the reception if needed.

The Rockford Chicago Airport director’s daughter was the person being married.

For the record, if you are the daughter of the Rockford Chicago Airport director, you too can get married there for the low price of $250.  And a bunch of angry passengers.

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  1. Okay, this one is on the bureaucrat pig who needs to be fired for using the public facility he runs for his own personal gain.

    But seriously, why do people fly this crapholio airline? Half their pilots wouldn’t let their family and friends fly on their own planes!

    Google “Tampa Times Allegiant” for their November 2nd expose on this half a$$ operator.

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