Is It Okay to Install Your Own Armrest on the Plane?

I somehow came across this new invention for airplanes:

The Reposer



The Reposer is a portable armrest that weighs about the same amount as a paperback book and installs onto the existing armrests to extend them.

From their website:

 Without the RePoser, the weight of your arms builds strain in your neck and back and puts pressure on your breathing. By supporting the weight of your arms, the RePoser can help you breathe easier and not have a stiff neck and back when you get to your destination. The RePoser helps you sit back and enjoy the flight!

For $40, you can bring your own armrest on the plane.

The problem is, this tool takes up half of the armrest.  And it doesn’t look comfortable to accidentally elbow as the next person over.



I think this product would seem passive-aggressive to the people next to you, plus increase their discomfort level.

All the examples have been people using this from the middle seat.  But what if the people on the aisle and window seats were using this?  It would be uncomfortable for the person in the middle.

My initial feeling is that using this would be inconsiderate to the people around you, but my opinion could be swayed.  What do you think?

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  1. Well, I try to follow the rule of “whoever sits in the middle has first rights to the armrests.” So, if I were sitting next to someone using this, I would have no particular issue. I *would* worry about accidentally bumping it (especially with an elbow lift that could tip it sideways).

    It does look like it perches on the inner part of the armrests, so I feel like someone trying to get at any console on the arm would not be particularly affected on that front, at least.

    As with most things, I think I’d have to actually sit next to someone who was using it to decide how it played out.

  2. I agree… rude! And… it looks as if it could be bulky to haul around and dangerous in a sudden air pocket if it became dislodged!

  3. It uses up half the armrest space. Isn’t that kind of all you are “entitled” to, anyway? I could see it being obnoxious if it invaded another person’s space.

  4. I have had some awful neighbors on flights who have not even given me my half of the arm rest. I would love to try this out, if I had the nerve! I figured out that part of my bad luck has been a husband who likes to go to the loo at least 4 times a flight. I told him I am getting the aisle seat and he is getting the portly man with hairy arms next to HIM!

  5. And suddenly, I can see what will be in Skymall in a few months time..

  6. Hi, I am the inventor of the RePoser, and I’d like to address your concerns. The product itself has evolved and just launched in its current form one month ago. You can see in the latest video on the website. The “feet” of it do not take up 1/2 of the armrest, only about 1/4. It actually increases the side armrest space for your neighbor, and incidental contact with it is not uncomfortable. Regarding turbulence or an air pocket, couldn’t the same thing be said of laptops, iPads, etc.? It has all rounded, soft edges and only weighs about 1.25 pounds, far less than most laptops. Please contact me if Heelsfirsttravel would like to review the product.

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