Laptop Bag Suggestions Welcome!

So, I’ve been the sort of person who has paid a lot of attention to what my laptop bag looks like and not how it functions.

I’ve been using one of those cross laptop-tote bags.  Not good for the shoulder.

Tom BihnSoooo…., I tore my rotator cuff.  (NOT RECOMMENDED).

My doctor told me to get a lighter laptop and a better bag.

What’s your preference for comfortable laptop carrying?

Disclaimer: Typos are blamed on copious amounts of percocet. 

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  1. A laptop backpack. Sure it’s not stylish, but it’s comfortable and great for traveling

  2. Save your shoulders–get a backpack. On my flight today three of us in first class had the same one–it’s a SwissGear “Scan Smart” black backpack. There’s several versions–if you don’t get precheck, is folds out for the TSA so you don’t have to take the computer out, and it holds a ton. Plus it’s better for your back.

  3. A backpack would be better for your shoulders. But if you do go with a more briefcase-y style, Tom Bihn makes some good ones and the Absolute Strap definitely helps with comfort. They make some good backpack options as well. If you have a 13″ or smaller laptop and don’t need to carry a ton of other stuff, look at the Synapse 19 with the appropriate size cache. It’s even checkpoint friendly!

  4. Get a 13-inch ultrabook and a Tom Bihn bag.

  5. Strictly rationalizing the content of the bag was my solution…. lightweight ssd laptop, ipad mini not ipad, no paperwork, all on the ipad. Even all those cords & chargers – short cords, small chargers. More than halved the weight carried and that saved my back, shoulders and neck plus allowed me to keep using a bag I like instead of a backpack.

  6. I’d highly recommend the Patagonia Lightwire backpack or one of its later iterations. If a backpack is too much, you could go for one of those rolling briefcases with the telescoping handle.

  7. I use a GoRuck GR1 backpack as my everyday…and black goes w everything;-)

    I second the Tom Bihn recommendations. Durable, many different choices, and of course made in the USA:-)

  8. Timbuk2 laptop messenger small. I just switched to down size and it’s great. You could look into the commute as well.

  9. I recommend the Travelpro Crew 9 Business Backpack. It has lots of room, lots of pockets, and a checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment.

  10. My solution is a carryon bag with spinner wheels and a laptop bag that slips over the handle. I virtually NEVER carry the weight of my laptop bag.

    And when I do, the new thin MacBook Pro really helps.

  11. I just got a Ricardo Beverly Hills Crystal City 16″ Wheeled Tote from ebags. It has two sections, one for your laptop and related accessories as well as zippered outside pockets and then the 2nd section is an overnight bag. It love it! It is lightweight and can really hold a lot (I have used it for a two night trip).

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