Is it Worth it to Get the Disney Dining Plan?

For those of us who love to plan, a blogger by the nom de plume of Seeya Reel Soon has come up with the ultimate Disney Dining Plan guide.

It does not only help you estimate whether or not the plan is worth it, it also helps you decide which restaurants you should use the plan at.  You just plug in your preferences into his Excel sheet and presto!

In addition to figuring out the dining plan, you can also enter in different deals the resorts offer you on the dining plans to decide whether or not it is worth paying rack rate to get these specials or whether you should pay out of pocket for the dining plan with a discounted room rate.

Seeya Reel Soon has lots of Disney Guides and a weekly video show dedicated to Disney.


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  1. As someone who does Disney yearly, the dining plan’s value has really diminished the past few years. It used to be a really great deal. I feel now the only way it equates to a discount is if you get the most expensive thing on the menu every time. Also, it comes with a desert for every person at every meal, which if i was paying cash we would not do. The only reason we’ve continued to do it is that some of our family is on a tighter budget. The plan allows them to know down to the penny what they will spend for food. As we normally book close to a year out, it is a good way to budget and save. I feel the better value is found in their “Tables in Wonderland” card…escpecially for bigger groups and groups that like to have some adult drinks with dinner.

  2. might be a good idea just because you know how much it is and removes the humming and hawing of eating at the park

  3. My parents live in Orlando and have annual passes to Disney World. They go (on average) once a week and they LOVE their “Tables in Wonderland” card.

  4. In my experience, the value proposition is iffy at best. I agree it can be good for people who want to get a handle on the cost of their trip and budget accordingly although if you have been to disney before you probably have a pretty good idea of your food costs especially if you tend to make a lot of reservations in advance. Tables in Wonderland seems like a decent deal but you have to be a dvc member, florida resident or annual passholder to get it.

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