Watch Out for Flights Repricing on US Airways

US Airways and American Airlines post-merger loyalty points, elite status, and alliance.I just wanted to let you know that flights have been pricing oddly on US Airways.  This is especially true for American Airlines flights booked through US Airways, but I’ve seen it on US Airways flights too.

The flights will state one price per leg.  Then after you select your flights and click through further into the site, the fare will reprice to one that’s more expensive without warning.

I haven’t seen consistency to this.   I saw it with a LAX-SFO round-trip.  When I tried pretend booking it again the pricing error didn’t occur (and priced at the more expensive price from the start).

I haven’t seen American Airlines repricing flights at all when I book through their website, but let me know if you’ve seen issues there too.


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  1. Funny you mention this. I discovered this today while trying to price JFK-ANC for June 3-5. On the low fare finder page it priced at $404, then when you click on the appropriate square, it priced out at $473. I called tech support who claimed to see the $403 fare but I had to click on a square that had the fare at $474 to get the $403 price! WTH? He had no explanation, so yes be careful, it’s glitchy.

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