What I Really Wish Former US Airways Clubs Will Adopt

I’d never really been an American Airlines flyer before the merger.  So it surprised me the first time I went into an American Admiral’s club and could order some food off a menu.

For a cost, of course.

Today, I am flying a couple of short flights that only qualify as “Snack Basket” flights on US Airways.

I’m stopped over for a bit and really want to get work done.  So I’m in a former-US-Airways-Admiral Club.

I forwent stopping by the taco place for a good working environment.  And you aren’t allowed to bring outside food in here to eat.

So my lunch for today is a few helpings of these:


Mind you, I’m not complaining.  I’m glad I have some sort of food option.

But I do hope these clubs adopt the Admiral’s Club way soon.

I assume there are difficulties in figuring out how/where to prepare the food.  US Airways also tried a failed experiment at delivering food from outside food places into the lounge–so I doubt they’ll try that again.

For now, I’ll fill up on pretzels and maybe grab a Milano once I’m back in the air.


Edit:  Someone let me know it is soft-rolling out.  Sweet!

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