iPads Ground American Airlines Planes

Back before electronics were allowed during take off and landing, there were a lot of jokes about the damage an iPad or Kindle could do for your flight.

(Language warning)

But iPads delayed or sent planes back to the gate after the software pilots use crashed.

grounded plane

According to re/code:

Pilots began experiencing a problem with the software that contains mapping and flight planning information at roughly 7 pm Pacific time Tuesday, a spokesman for the airline said.

In some cases, pilots were able to resolve the issue during the boarding process. Other pilots were forced to return the plane to the gate, according to American Airlines spokesperson Casey Norton.

Passengers also took to Twitter, though it looks like it isn’t an aircraft specific issue.


One passenger reported the captain was looking for a way to print (but apparently couldn’t print graphics on the airport dot matrix printers)

Take these passengers with a grain of salt, since it’s their interpretation of what’s going on. But Twitter has definitely given an interesting lens into situations as they go on.

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  1. This is not limited to 737s. Sitting on a Super 80 awaiting the 175 mile flight from OKC to DFW and can confirm the same exact issue; iPad won’t come up and First Officer had to go to gate and print nav charts. Unreal! It’s like the old days when I had to print off Mapquest!

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